US Digital Outreach

In 2006, this building was purchased and renovated to become the new home of US Digital, the maker of motion control products. For one year, an extra 17,000 square foot section of the 110,000 square foot building sat empty waiting for a useful purpose.

outreach montage

We were inspired by a simple question in the Bible, "What is that in your hand?" (Exodus 4:2). The simple staff in Moses' hand became the instrument that God used to part the Red Sea. What was in our hand? We had extra office space and a heart for God to use it as a blessing. That inspiration, coupled with God's providence and hard work created a blessing that we trust reflects God's heart for this community.

The idea was simple:

Develop that space and provide the infrastructure for a variety of small Christ centered ministries that complement each other. We provide their home and allow them the freedom to operate independently to fulfill their purposes. The common location of multiple ministries under one roof promotes synergy, cooperation, and networking that multiply their opportunities and effectiveness.

God prospers and blesses our business as we seek to honor Him and follow our owner's manual, the Bible. We hope that the good ship US Digital will inspire other businesses to partner with Christ and be His providence to their communities.

This is our story. What is in your hand?