E7P Assembly Instructions

Download the PDF version of these instructions.

  • step1_3.gif
    1. PCB Installation

    Position PCB so that connector lines up with flat side of base. Push PCB onto base by hand so that two guide posts fit into associated PCB holes.

  • 2. Base Installation

    2a. Standard: Secure base to mounting surface using either two #2-56 x " socket head cap screws or two #4-40 x " low profile socket head cap screws. Note that when using 0.750" or 1.280" bolt circles, the heads should be low profile to insure plenty of clearance between top of screw heads and codewheel.


    2b. Transfer Adhesive: Slip centering tool over shaft and into center hole of base. Slide both parts down shaft until they contact mounting surface. Press base firmly to assure good adhesion. Remove centering tool.

  • step3_2.gif3. Codewheel Installation

    Set codewheel on shaft with disk facing base. Place spacer tool over codewheel with a recess area over connector. Push tool down by hand until it bottoms out against base tabs. Remove reusable spacer tool.

    In order to prevent permanent damage to motor bearings (especially on small diameter shaft motors), it is recommended that the far end (drive end) of the motor shaft be supported while installing the push on hub.

  • step4_1.gif
    4. Cover Installation

    Snap cover onto base.

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