USB SpeedBoost

Utility to update the USB COMM port latency timer setting from the default value of 16ms to 1ms. Requires administrative privileges to run.

USB SpeedBoost

Microsoft support for Windows XP has ended. For more information, please visit

The USB data latency timer is preset to a default value of 16ms by the driver manufacturer. This means that data could be setting in the FIFO buffer up to 16ms before it is forced to transmit. If Windows is allowed to search the internet for the device drivers when the Found New Hardware wizard is displayed, then the latency timer will be set to 16ms. The latency timer can be set to a minimum of 1ms using USB SpeedBoost software. If the drivers are installed from the installation CD, then the latency timer will automatically be set to a minimum of 1ms.

Download , Windows 2000/Vista Version 1.00

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